Stained Glass Bracelet #2

Stained Glass bracelet

This is the Stained Glass bracelet by Beadholden Designs. I finished it a couple of days ago but forgot to post it. It is 9-drop peyote; there’s also a loom version, but I didn’t have a loom at the time. I found a clasp that I liked, and then realized I had made the bracelet far too long and had to remove a number of rows. I did enjoy working on it; I think that’s why I got carried away with the length. I don’t know what to call the chart that is not a word chart, but I realized I could use the fast peyote method with it and that made it easier.


Interlaced Heron Bookmark



interlaced heron bookmark

This is the Interlaced Heron bookmark from Celtic Needlepoint by Alice Starmore. I picked this book up at one of the big library book sales and am glad I did; there are several designs I’d like to work in it. It called for 22-mesh single thread canvas; I didn’t feel like tracking that down, so I worked it in half cross stitch on some 22-count fabric I had. It’s charted for Kreinik Soie d’Alger silk floss with DMC equivalents; I used the DMC equivalents except for the gold. It called for DMC 3046, which wasn’t a very bright gold, so I substituted DMC 728. I looked up the Kreinik color (2212) and probably would have wanted to substitute something else for that if I’d gone that route.

I kind of wish I’d gone for more strands or full cross stitches or something for the background; I’m not entirely happy with the coverage. I ended up scanning the chart which gave me something to mark (I was OK until I hit the first neck) and which also gave me more ability to distinguish between the different colors on the chart. It’s a color chart, and there are three very close colors on the chart (the two reds and the orange). I used a flash picture for the first wing and the scan for the second. I worked this in hand and it ended up a little warped, but I don’t care enough to do anything about it; it’s just a bookmark.

Cool Waves Bracelet



Cool Waves bracelet

This is the Cool Waves bracelet from Fast Peyote Stitch Jewelry by Josie Fabre. It’s inspired by The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai.

The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai

(picture from wikipedia, originally from the Metropolitan Museum of Art online database).

This is the first project I’ve done with Delica beads; I enjoyed working with them and the way they look. I had very few problems with this. I do have a few cases where the thread went over the beads instead of through them; mostly I didn’t notice until it was too late to do anything about it. The only real problem I had was with the chart itself. The details said the bracelet was 6 1/2 inches long; as charted, it was more like 7 1/4 (over 8 including the toggle and loop). The instructions said to remove rows at the beginning if you wanted a shorter bracelet, and the picture reflected a shorter bracelet than the chart. I don’t have a good feel for the length of rows of beads, so I didn’t want to start lower than the chart. I didn’t want to remove rows at the end because I didn’t want to have to figure out another way to do the loop. The chart for the toggle had no relation to the chart or the picture; I just copied the last row of the bracelet into the toggle, which is what the toggle in the picture had. It’s a little longer than I like my bracelets, but overall I’m happy with the way it turned out.




Mars cross stitch

This is Mars from SpaceNavid on Etsy. It’s worked on 6×6 inch Aida cloth canvas from Michael’s; it has around a 4 1/2 inch square working area. The edges on the back are a huge mess because the stitching is around 4×4 inches and it was difficult to start and end thread anywhere near the edges; I carried thread farther than I usually do because of that. I can’t believe I finished it in about five or six weeks; I had a few minor issues, but nothing major. It’s a little off-center, though. It helped that a lot of it was large single-color areas. I was very paranoid at the beginning because I started with the large chunk of DMC 608 and was deeply afraid I would miscount somewhere and have to start over, but I constantly counted and recounted and got it right.

July 2017 WIPs


, , , ,

This is Mars from SpaceNavid on Etsy; I thought I started it last month, but it’s not in the WIP post for June. If I did start it last month, it was only a few stitches because I finished Jupiter somewhere around the 28th. I’ve made excellent progress on it; it helped that there were very large single-color areas that went very quickly. I’ve started the areas with more colors and fewer stitches per color, so the rest will not be quite so easy. I still might finish it in August, though. I’ll probably switch back to 99 after this instead of another planet.

Mars progress July 2017

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Art Deco 4 Bracelet



Art Deco 4 Bracelet

This is the Art Deco 4 bracelet from SmartArtsSupply on Etsy; I substituted blues for the golds in the original pattern, and I used Toho seed beads from Michaels instead of the Delica beads that the chart used. I enjoyed working on this; I only had a couple of problems. One of the problems was the lack of symmetry in a few places in the chart, and the other was an occasional tendency on my part to pick up black beads instead of white (color A was black, color B was white, so sometimes I thought B should be black). There is at least one row that has a couple of black beads where there should have been white.

For my own reference, I used Darice 11/0 Toho seed beads 1951-34 (black), 1951-29 (white), 1951-10 (blue silver lined), and 1951-52 (dyed rainbow blue) for the bracelet and Color Gallery 9x12mm beads from Hobby Lobby as fasteners.

Aluminum Tree


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Aluminum Tree

This is Aluminum Tree by Misty Hill Studio; it’s part of their Mid-Century Modern Christmas collection. It and Ornaments will be Christmas cards for my sisters.

It was mostly straightforward, with no major mistakes or other problems until the end. I did the stars/snowflakes last, with the red ones first; I happened to look at the chart after I started the first grey one and realized I had done the grey stars in red and was starting the red in grey. It wasn’t a major problem; it didn’t really matter which was which color as long as there was one of each color on each side so I left them as they were.