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I was more productive in 2017 than I thought I was; I’ve mostly been working on larger things lately. I finished eleven things: six cross-stitch (two cards, three planets, and only one bookmark (in half cross-stitch)) and five beading (all bracelets).

The two things for cards were both part of Misty Hill Studio’s Mid-Century Modern Christmas collection (Ornaments and Aluminum Tree). I was happy I actually managed to finish cards this year. I started larger things for cards in previous years and never finished them; I have two in progress around somewhere.

Aluminum Tree

I did three planets from SpaceNavid on Etsy. I’ve really enjoyed working on these; they are small and work up fairly quickly. I have the pattern for Saturn, which is a bit larger due to the rings, but will probably do Venus next.



Mars cross stitch

I only did one bookmark, which kind of surprised me; I often do them as breaks from larger things, but I guess later in the year, the beading took that over. It is the Interlaced Heron bookmark from Celtic Needlepoint by Alice Starmore; I worked it in half cross-stitch on 22-count fabric because I had some and didn’t feel like tracking down 22-count mesh canvas.

interlaced heron bookmark

I got started with peyote stitch beading, thanks to Josie Fabre’s book Fast Peyote Stitch Jewelry that I picked up to try. I’ve always been fascinated by bead weaving and have really enjoyed it. In order, three of these are from that book (Deco Fans, Stained Glass, and Cool Waves), one is the Art Deco 4 bracelet from SmartArtsSupply on Etsy, and the last one is different Stained Glass by Beadholden Designs. I need to work on figuring out the proper length for my wrists; a couple of these are a little long.

Deco Fans beaded bracelet

Stained Glass Bracelet

Cool Waves bracelet

Art Deco 4 Bracelet

Stained Glass bracelet