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This is Mars from SpaceNavid on Etsy; I thought I started it last month, but it’s not in the WIP post for June. If I did start it last month, it was only a few stitches because I finished Jupiter somewhere around the 28th. I’ve made excellent progress on it; it helped that there were very large single-color areas that went very quickly. I’ve started the areas with more colors and fewer stitches per color, so the rest will not be quite so easy. I still might finish it in August, though. I’ll probably switch back to 99 after this instead of another planet.

Mars progress July 2017

I worked some on Celtic Needlepoint by Alice Starmore; I’m doing it in half cross stitches. I substituted a brighter gold for the one in the chart. I’m a little frustrated because it’s a color chart, and the two reds and the orange are very similar colors. I think each wing is supposed to have both reds, the orange, and a lighter color, but it’s very hard to tell. I’m probably only going to use one red on each wing (the red that’s not the outline) and I hope I can find the difference between the reds and the orange.

Interlaced Heron progress July 2017

I barely started Vintage by Tauriel on Etsy. I left off where I did instead of trying to finish the row because I made a mistake and had to remove a couple of beads and because I was frustrated by trying to keep it untwisted. It might go faster once I get past these first few rows, but there are a ton of color changes in each row. For the last bracelet, I marked the chart off row by row; for this one, I think I’m going to have to mark it bead by bead.

Vintage bracelet progress July 2017