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I don’t feel like I did a lot of stitching this month; I’m house-sitting and am finding myself stitching less and reading more (on Goodreads, my 2017 reading challenge is 52 books and I’m already on 42; I didn’t reach 52 last year). I also got distracted by beads.

Mostly I worked on Jupiter by SpaceNavid on Etsy when I’ve been at my sister’s house; it’s small and I have the chart printed out, and I finally realized that I could just leave it there instead of carrying it back and forth. I did make decent progress on it and ought to finish it in the next month or two. I think it’s a stitch off from the center, though (I think it’s unavoidable with the number of stitches in the pattern and on the canvas).

Jupiter cross-stitch progress May 2017

I also worked a little on Aluminum Tree from Misty Hill Studio (part of their Mid-Century Modern Christmas collection). I’m approaching the bottom of it, which is the bulk of it. All that’s left after that is the top and the few stars/snowflakes on the sides, so I think I’m in good shape on finishing this by Christmas.

Aluminum Tree progress May 2017

I also started two other projects, but ended up undoing what I’d done for various reasons.

I picked up Celtic Needlepoint by Alice Starmore at the big library book sale (which made going there worth the effort). I decided to do the Interlaced Heron bookmark in cross-stitch since I didn’t want to track down and order 22-count single thread mesh canvas (or something like that). I guess I could do needlepoint stitches on the 22-count Aida; I might try that when I start over. I started it yesterday as cross stitch, but my thread knotted and broke on the first row, so I’m going to have to start over.

Interlaced Heron bookmark picture

The other one was the Stained Glass bracelet from Fast Peyote Stitch Jewelry by Josie Fabre. I’m not using those particular colors because I’d have to mail order them and I don’t like them that much. I took it apart because it was a little tangled (loops around the bracelet instead of straight from one bead to the next) and I didn’t like one of the colors I chose on the line (it was pretty in the container).

Stained Glass Bracelet Picture

I’m still planning on working it in a green and two blues; I have a lovely dark green that I’m definitely going to use. I was going to use a light blue and a very light iridescent blue (the manufacturer website called it rainbow-dyed); the very light blue looked like a lovely sky/baby blue in the container, but didn’t look that much different than transparent on the thread. Also, I’m using a darker thread (most of the colors are darker, and I don’t want a white line on the outside); that didn’t help much with the way those beads looked because they are unlined. I went to another Michael’s and they had a darker blue, so I think I’m going to use it and the light blue with the dark green. I might use the dark blue and dark green for the two blues in the chart since they are kind of close together and use the light blue in place of the green; I might not. I wish I could visualize colors together better than I can.