Deco Fans beaded bracelet

I decided to try something different; this is the Deco Fans bracelet from Fast Peyote Stitch Jewelry by Josie Fabre. The design called for galvanized silver and matte red, but Michael’s didn’t have either of those, so I went with white and silver-lined red. The closest they had to silver was clear silver-lined. I was very confused when I started it, but once I got the hang of it I enjoyed making this. I’m not sure I did the loop on the end right; I think it’s secure and it holds the bead properly, so I guess it’s OK. I hated to write in the book, but I had to mark rows off to keep track of where I was (and I still had a few problems with keeping track).

I was at Jo-Ann and I saw the book and liked some of the designs in it, and they now take coupons on books, so I bought it. This sort of bead weaving is something I’d been interested in for a while, so I was happy to see it. They of course did not have the recommended beads (preferably Miyuki Delica; she recommended Toho as well, but this was the only project that used them), so I went to Michael’s and got beads there (Toho, though any sort of consistently-sized bead would have been fine so I would have had to stick to one brand). I ended up getting the bead for the closure of this and some non-seed beads at Jo-Ann for the next project on my list (the green and blue one on the cover, though with different shades of blue and green). Neither of them had the recommended thread, so I went to Hobby Lobby for it (thankfully they had it; I didn’t want to mail order for something I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy doing). If Hancock’s still existed, I would have checked there too (they were more convenient than Hobby Lobby or Jo-Ann).

The project after next that I want to do is based on Hokusai’s Great Wave off Kanagawa; I will have to mail-order beads for that since I’d want those exact colors and none of the big craft stores sell a good range of Delica beads (Hobby Lobby had a handful of colors, but I’m not sure they had any of the ones needed).