I continued working on two projects this month and (barely) started another. Mostly, I worked on 99 by Ink Circles. It’s on 32 count natural linen instead of Picture This Plus Ale; there is one color so far that is close to the fabric color and that doesn’t show up that well in the light I’m using, though it does show up fine in the picture (and it doesn’t show up that well in the model picture either). I am enjoying working on this; it’s big, but each bottle is a small finish. It’s fun trying to figure out what each bottle is before looking it up (there is a list included); I’m not familiar with a lot of them, though. I’ve done 9 1/4 bottles and have 89 3/4 to go plus the nine shelves.

99 progress February 2017

I worked a little on Mahjong by Seba Designs. I like the way it looks, though sometimes I wish I’d gone for the more dramatic variegated floss (but I’d probably sometimes be wishing I’d gone subtle if I’d used the dramatic floss). I am having a very hard time with this. The main problems are various errors on my part (mostly counting and following the chart, with some knotting and breaking floss). I need to be more patient with it; it’s very frustrating, though. I’m going to try to work on it at least once or twice a week; I’d like to get the empty outlined parts finished this month.

Mahjong progress February 2017

I also barely started Jupiter by SpaceNavid on Etsy; I had it everything together and wanted to find the center. I probably won’t work on this at all until I house sit for my sister for a few days later in the month; it’s easier to take something like this than something on a scroll frame.

Jupiter progress February 2017