This is Earth from SpaceNavid on etsy. I got close to the end and made a push towards finishing it, working on only it for a few days (except for the day I found a mistake; I gave up for the day and did part of a bottle on 99). It’s worked on 6×6 inch Aida cloth canvas from Michael’s; it’s a perfect fit for a 4×4 planet, though it’s a little hard to end thread near the edges. These canvases are not the best quality; I thought the first one was a little loose because I stepped on it. This one was a little looser than the first one without that excuse.

I’m going to either do Saturn or Jupiter next (I bought both). Saturn won’t fit on one of these canvases because of the rings; it’s 5.5 x 8 inches. I think for Saturn, I’ll finish it the way I ended up finishing the peacock, which involved stapling it to a canvas (among other things).