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I think the project I worked on this month was Mahjong by Seba Designs (I don’t think this design is for sale anywhere right now; I bought it from her etsy shop, which is now gone). I’m using 32-count oyster linen, DMC 310 for the outlines, and DMC 4025 for the designs. Of course, the reason why it was the thing I worked on most was because I was testing colors and making mistakes. I think my biggest problem was that I didn’t realize there were two squares around the center motif, so sometimes I counted 20 stitches and sometimes I counted 22. I think it should be smoother sailing from now on. I will probably still have counting and placement issues, but the outlines at least should be easier now that I have the middle complete and correct.

Mahjong progress January 2017

I’ve also made some good progress on Earth from SpaceNavid on etsy. I’m hoping to finish it this month or next.

Earth progress January 2017

I also started 99 by Ink Circles. I got this a couple of weeks ago and said I wasn’t going to start it until I finished something, but I couldn’t resist it. I’m using 32-count natural linen; hopefully everything will show up relatively well. The recommended fabric is 32 count Ale Belfast Linen from Picture This Plus, but it’s out of my price range ($24.69 + shipping vs less than 5 at Joann with a coupon; I’ve bought way too much stuff lately, stitching and otherwise). I have 97 2/3 bottles to go. Looking at the picture, I see that I forgot to finish the bottom of the second bottle.

99 progress January 2017