This is Ornaments from Misty Hill Studio; it’s part of their Mid-Century Modern Christmas collection. If I’m remembering correctly, I bought it during 123stitch’s summer Christmas sale, even though it wasn’t in the sale. I used the fabric that was used in the model: Zweigart 32 Count Silver Moon Belfast Linen. I had a little trouble with the outlines (miscounting and going over three instead of two), but once I had the outlines finished, the rest was easy. I did make a few changes: I made the hangers gold instead of black, I made the tops gold with white highlights instead of the other way around (it made more sense to me and it showed up better; in the picture, you could barely see the tops), and I made the gold spots in the top of the left ornament symmetrical because it bothered me that they weren’t. I’m not entirely happy with where I put the gold spots (I think the top two are too close together), but by the time I realized I wanted to move them, I’d done a few rows of the green and was not going to go back and change them.

I had intended to do two of them for Christmas cards for my sisters, but didn’t even get one finished by Christmas; I put it off and then ended up working two (part-time, 50+ hours) jobs in December and didn’t have the time or energy to finish even one. I think I’m going to do the Aluminum Tree for another one; it’s on sale right now at 123stitch.com for $3.99 (and I ordered this to make the shipping feel worth it).