I can’t count and it’s very frustrating. I started Mahjong by Seba Designs (pic; it’s apparently not on etsy anymore). I know that I want it outlined in black with a variegated color for the designs inside. I did the outlines of center square and the bits around it and tested different colors inside (Artiste satin floss “Peacock Show” and DMC 4025 are what’s left). I did a little bit on the top in a completely different type of thread, but decided I didn’t like the thread and pulled it out before I got halfway through. I was working on the side, trying to decide if I wanted to go with dramatic changes or something more subtle; I reached the end of that rectangle and realized I was two stitches short in the center square (20 instead of 22). Apparently, I counted and recounted the stitches, but didn’t count the chart itself enough. I have decided I’m going to go for subtle changes and think I’m either going to use DMC 4025 or 115 (I haven’t tried 115 yet).