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I was a week into December before I realized that I hadn’t done a November WIP post, and decided it was too much trouble to add one that far into the month. I didn’t get that much stitching done in December as I would have liked; I started another job at the very end of November (which distracted me from the WIP post) and my hours seem to have settled into the time I usually spend stitching (evening family time). I’m pretty sure I only worked on the same two unfinished projects in November that I did in December.

I’m putting some effort into Earth by SpaceNavid on etsy; I’d like to finish it before starting anything else, but I don’t know if I’ll succeed in waiting. I have what feels like an infinite amount of freebies and works in progress floating around, and about six weeks ago, I purchased Seba Designs Colorplay Bookmarks and Ink Circles Blue Morpho; I also have Seba Designs Mahjong that I’ve been thinking of as my next larger project.

Earth progress December 2016

I worked some on Ornaments (Mid Century Modern Christmas) from Misty Hill Studio. It was intended for a Christmas card, but I didn’t finish it before Christmas. I need two Christmas cards, so I’m going to go ahead and finish this and either do another one or something different (I’m looking at the Aluminum Tree right now, though that may change).

Ornaments progress December 2016