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I didn’t work on any of my older works in progress this year except the latch hook; I continued one project from 2015 and started two new projects.

I worked on Mucha’s Moon until April, when I finished page three (the end of the first row of pages) and started working on Geometric Dreams No. 1 instead. I still feel a bit intimidated by it; I might go back to it once I finish Earth. I hope the worst of the confetti stitching was in her hair and face:

Mucha Moon progress April 2016

I started on Earth after I finished Neptune:

Earth progress December 2016

I had another failed attempt at a Christmas card, but I’m going to try to get it and another one finished now instead of waiting until later in the year and running out of time. Hopefully, if I finish them early in the year, I’ll remember where I put them when it comes time to mail them:

Ornaments progress December 2016

I worked one row on the Floral D’vine latch hook; I think my problem with working on this is that one row is a logical amount to do at a time, but I tend to get tired of it before the row is finished. I need to convince myself that part of a row at a time is OK:

Floral D'Vine progress May 2016