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I only finished eight projects this year (seven cross-stitch and one needlepoint): five bookmarks (one needlepoint), one card, one planet (55×55 stitches), and one larger piece (163×163 stitches). I currently have no idea where some of the bookmarks are; I need to check my library books before I return them.

The one needlepoint bookmark was Fireworks. I really enjoyed working on this, and I think I should do more needlepoint.


The other bookmarks were Klimt’s Silhouette, Tulip, Tribal, and Red and Black. I’m still thinking of doing the other Klimt silhouette facing this one.

Klimt's Silhouette

Tulip Bookmark

Tribal Bookmark

Red and Black Bookmark

I completed this Water Garden for a birthday card for my sister; it only took me a year to finish.

Water Garden

I completed Neptune; someday, I will have all of the planets (assuming that he continues designing them; he has Mercury, Venus, and Uranus to go).


The one larger piece I completed was Geometric Dreams No. 1. I am happy I finished something larger than a bookmark, but I still need to wash it, iron it, and turn it into a pillow.

Geometric Dreams No. 1