This is a needlepoint bookmark from Beautiful Stitches. The model was done in fall colors and called “Autumn Fireworks”; the variegated color was dyed by the designer, so I couldn’t match it if I wanted. It called for 24 count congress cloth, which I’d never used before and which was very easy to use. I used DMC 900, 727, and 972 as my solid colors and DMC 51 as my variegated color. I had some of DMC 51 around from the Cirque des Cercles attempt and because it had the most distinct colors of any of the variegated floss that I had on hand (the rest were shades of the same color and I decided not to look for the satin floss that I think I have). I wasn’t sure if I’d like DMC 51 in this because it changed colors more slowly than the model’s variegated color, but I like the effect even though it’s hard to tell that some of the smaller motifs use it.

This worked up much faster than I expected because I had serious problems with a number of the elements through failure of counting, misplacing elements, and misunderstanding the instructions. There was one stitch that I had to look up on the internet for instructions because the provided ones did not make sense to me. I had the worst problems with the top section; I had all those problems there. Misplacing and/or miscounting the outer elements caused the center elements to be misplaced, and the outer elements were discovered to be out of place when the center elements were correctly placed (I started counting from the cross-stitch outline instead of the outer elements). I also failed in keeping the thread tension even so it’s kind of wavy in places. Despite the problems that I had, I really enjoyed working on it and am happy with the way it turned out; it was a nice change from cross-stitching.