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I worked on a few smaller things this month: two for bookmarks, one for a Christmas card, and one just because I wanted to do it. I completely forgot about doing a WIP post until today; I think the only thing I’ve worked on in the last few days is the Klimt silhouette.

I started one of the Klimt Silhouettes from Jill Oxton’s Cross Stitch and Bead Weaving #96; I am disappointed that issue 97 will be the last one. I’m doing this on 14-count plastic canvas; I probably should have used three strands, but I used two. It’s worked up very quickly; I will probably finish it in the next few days.

Klimt Silhouette progress October 2016

I continued working on this needlepoint project from Beautiful Stitches. I’m using DMC 51 as the variegated color and DMC 900, 727, and 972 for the solid colors. I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t like the variegated’s rate of change due to it being slower than the model’s, but I’m happy with it (for once). It has also worked up fairly quickly despite the sheer amount of redoing elements that I either did wrong or misplaced. The larger motifs in the top section took me a few tries to understand how to do them. The larger motifs in the center section took a few tries to understand how to do them and several tries to get them placed properly.

Fireworks progress October 2016

I finally started on one of the Ornaments from Misty Hill Studio’s Mid Century Modern Christmas collection. I had to redo half of the outline for the ornament on the left because I went over three instead of over two for one stitch and did not discover it until I hit the end of the outline. I did make a change in the top of the ornament; I flipped the white and gold parts of it; the white does not show up very well on the fabric and I thought having a gold outline made more sense. I also did the loop at the top in gold instead of black. The first section of the left ornament is green with scattered gold stitches; I will probably make the gold stitches symmetric; everything else in the ornaments is. I need to get moving on this if I want to finish two of them by Christmas (one for each sister).

Ornaments progress October 2016

I worked a little on Earth from SpaceNavid on etsy while I was watching my niece during her fall break; I was there 8-12 and she was sleeping until 9:30 or 10, so I had plenty of time to work on this. I’d be farther along, but I was off by one stitch kind of early on and had to redo a fair amount.

Earth progress October 2016

I realize I spent a lot of time complaining about mistakes, but I never really got frustrated with stitching anything; I just ripped out my stitches and tried again. A couple of times I just laughed at myself and went on stitching.