Water Garden

This is part of the water garden from Oriental Cross Stitch Favourites (Spring 2012); it’s going to be a birthday card for my sister. I started it last year, but didn’t finish it in time. I made a serious push this week to finish it and made it. It had a lot of backstitching; I haven’t done anything with it since last summer and forgot how much I don’t like it. I made one small mistake in this; I was working the branches on the left up so that I could get to the top cross stitch part (I didn’t think I could count it accurately) and went over one instead of over two for one stitch. I found that out when I worked the other branches down and had one hole left where it met up (the last stitches I did), but just went over one instead of over two there as well. I need to go back and check that I made that stitch since for some reason, that stitch does not show up well in the picture. I need to figure out what to do for my other sister; I was originally thinking of doing another part of the water garden for her, but that style is not really her thing. I know this sister likes it because she commented on it when I first got the magazine.