In addition to finishing two projects this month (a small bookmark and Geometric Dreams No.1), I worked on an ongoing project and started something new. The ongoing project is part of the water garden from Oriental Cross Stitch Favourites (Spring 2012); it’s intended for a birthday card for my sister. I started it last year, but did not finish it in time. I need to make a push to finish it; her birthday’s at the end of October. I have most of the lower part finished; the upper part is just a few branches, but there is a ton of backstitching (every color has its own backstitching):

Water Garden for J progress Sept 2016

After I finished Geometric Dreams No. 1, I decided that I needed a complete change and started this needlepoint project from Beautiful Stitches. I’m a little intimidated by it because it has a lot of different stitches and techniques. It’s on 24 count Congress cloth, which I hadn’t heard of before but which is easy to work with. It calls for one variegated color and three coordinating solid colors; I chose to use DMC 51 for the variegated floss and DMC 900, 727, and 972 for the solid colors. The number of strands used depends on the stitch; on what I’ve done so far, the outer border is four, the variegated part is three, and the cross stitch is two over two. I’m not entirely happy with DMC 51’s rate of change; it seems a little slow for this. After I started, I remembered that I did have some more variegated floss with multiple colors, but it’s satin and I do not like working with satin floss. If I decide these colors don’t really work for me, I may go to the satin floss anyway. I’m going to get all the colors on there and DMC 51 all the way to its darkest point before I decide for sure.

Fireworks progress Sept 2016