I worked more than I thought I did on Geometric Dreams No.1 from Golden Circle Designs on etsy. I looked at last month’s picture and was surprised at how much I had done. I’m starting to get tired of working on this, but I’m getting close to the end and can’t give up now. I might be able to finish it this month.

Geometric Dreams No.1 progress August 2016

I started the tulip bookmark from Jill Oxton’s Cross Stitch & Bead Weaving #92; I wanted to finish something. The key had DMC Light Effects Light Gold for the background, but the article wanted gold-painted canvas. I’m using Kreinik #4 braid. I really wanted to start something Monday or Tuesday night; I should have waited until the next day and bought some gold perforated paper if I really wanted the gold background. The other thing I wish I’d changed was the light outline; there was a picture of it on the first page with the light outline and one on the facing page with a dark purple outline. I don’t really like the gold; there’s not enough contrast with the lighter greens. I have decided to pull out the gold and the light outline and outline it in dark purple instead. I ought to finish it in the next day or two.

Tulip Bookmark progress August 2016