This month, I worked a lot on Geometric Dreams No.1 from Golden Circle Designs on etsy. It would go much faster if I could count & didn’t have to rip out stitches all the time.

Geometric Dreams No.1 progress July 2016

I also worked some this for a card for my sister for her birthday in October. It’s part of the Water Garden from Oriental Cross Stitch Favourites (Spring 2012). I last worked on it last October. I ought to be able to finish it by October; I’m close to finished with the bottom, and the top is sparse. There is a ton of backstitching, though.

Water Garden for J progress July 2016

I was feeling very intimidated by the projects I had started for Christmas cards, so I decided to do Misty Hill Ornaments for Christmas cards this year. It was not part of the Christmas in July sale, but other patterns from the Mid Century Modern Christmas collection were; I looked through the collection and found this one.

Misty Hill Ornaments pic