I feel like I haven’t been doing as much cross-stitch this year as I have in years past; it’s June and I’ve only finished two things this year so far. Mostly this month I worked on Geometric Dreams No. 1 from GoldenCircleDesigns on etsy. I’m working it on 28-count evenweave with three strands of DMC 3847. I ended up working in the lower left corner by starting on that section with the frame upside down from the way I had been holding it; luckily, the stitches were going in the same direction as they were with the frame right side up. I know that since it’s symmetrical it really doesn’t matter which way is up as long as the stitches are all in the same direction, but it bothered me.

Geometric Dreams No. 1 progress May 2016

Last night, I started Earth from SpaceNavid on etsy, but didn’t get very far.

Earth progress May 2016

I also picked up a “leather” bracelet blank from Hobby Lobby; they carry blanks of various types in store, but don’t seem to have them on their website. The pattern I’m using is bargello-inspired; I thought of doing actual bargello, but realized that there would be no good way to anchor the floss securely and that cross stitch would hold up better. The pattern came from The New World of Needlepoint: 101 Exciting Designs in Bargello, Quickpoint, Grospoint and Other Repeat Patterns by Lisbeth Perrone. Charting it was difficult since at first I didn’t realize how many colors there were and also since I can’t count consistently, but once I got it charted properly, it was easy to see how it was put together. I used Pattern Maker to create the pattern, and will eventually post it once I get it cleaned up a little. I’m not happy with my color choices; it looks like it has four colors (light, mid, dark gray and black) instead of the six that are actually there. I wanted a subtle black to gray shading, but it’s a little too subtle in the grays and the darkest gray is not dark enough compared to the black to be as subtle as I wanted. I am going to start over with it; I may use white, black, and four grays instead of five grays and black. I’ll probably get all of the black and white done, and then try different shades until I find the ones that look the best; I thought I had five distinct grays, but found out I was wrong once I started stitching.

Bargello Bracelet progress May 2016