This is Neptune by SpaceNavid on etsy; I chose it because I liked the blues in it. It’s worked on black Aida cloth canvas from Michaels. It’s 14 count and 6″ x 6″ overall and the working area is about 4 1/2″ by 4 1/2″; the pattern is around four inches, so it was a tight fit. I didn’t center it as well as I could have, but it’s mostly vertically off which does not bother me as much as horizontally would. The canvas was all right for stitching; the only problems I had with it were that it was difficult to run thread under stitches near the edges, and it was not as taut as I would have liked it to be (though that might be because I stepped on it and possibly loosened it up a little). After this, I’m going to do Earth; if it had been up when I decided to buy one, I’d have bought it first.