I worked on four things this month, all purchased charts (two etsy, one Artecy, one Art of Stitching); I did start one new piece instead of working more on existing projects. I finished pages two and three of Alphonse Mucha’s Moon from Art of Stitching, but I didn’t work on it any more than that. I felt somewhat intimidated by the mostly empty page four.

Mucha Moon progress April 2016

I started Geometric Designs No. 1 from GoldenCircleDesigns on etsy. I’m using DMC 3847 for this and am going to make it into a pillow when I’m done. I guess it feels a little less intimidating than the Mucha because there is more open space and only one color; it’s still 10008 stitches (vs around 9860 in 47 colors remaining for the Mucha; apparently I’ve already done over 7260 stitches on it already).

Geometric Dreams 1 progress April 2016

I worked some on Neptune from SpaceNavid on etsy. Maybe I’ll finish it this month.

Neptune progress April 2016

I worked a little on the Tribal Bookmark from Artecy, but I’ve temporarily abandoned it in favor of Geometric Dreams. I decided to fill in the diagonal lines in black instead of choosing a color. I’m currently planning on using various shades of turquoise and jade DMC floss to fill it in (in March it was electric blue and cyclamen pink; my mind may change again before I finish it).

Tribal Bookmark progress April 2016