I worked some on Alphonse Mucha’s Moon from Art of Stitching (part of Miniature Set 11). Looking at last month’s progress, I don’t feel like I worked on it that much. I was hoping to finish pages two and three, but didn’t quite make it that far:

Mucha Moon progress March 2016

I worked more than I thought I had on Neptune from SpaceNavid on Etsy:

Neptune progress March 2016

I also started on the Tribal Bookmark from Artecy; I actually bought a pattern from there instead of just downloading the free ones. I was too lazy to find a suitable piece of Aida, so I’m working on plastic canvas. I’m going to use different colors than were specified for it. I’m thinking of very bright colors: shades of electric blue for diagonals of squares and shades of cyclamen pink for the diagonals of smaller rectangles. I haven’t decided about the diagonal lines yet; I found a satin floss called neon purple at Hobby Lobby that I might use (if I can find it) or I might use one of the DMC purples (though none of them are quite as bright as I want) or I may just use black.

Tribal Bookmark progress March 2016