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I finished eleven items this year: two large pieces, one medium-sized piece, three cards, two bookmarks, two other small things, and part of something that is technically a work in progress, but I’m counting it as a finish. Two of these were blackwork and the rest were cross-stitch.

The two large pieces were Yellow Submarine for myself (started in September and finished in November) and Elegant Peacock for my sister (started in February and finished in August):

Yellow SubmarineElegant Peacock

The medium-sized piece was Charles Voysey Flowers:

Charles Voysey flowers

The cards were an unsent blackwork Christmas card (I wanted two for both my sisters, but only finished one), Totoro for my niece, and Goku for my nephew:

Christmas CardTotoroGoku Cloud

The two bookmarks were Bright Banding and Spring:

Bright Banding bookmarkSpring Bookmark

The other small things were Minecraft Creeper and Mockingjay Pin, both for my nephew:

Minecraft CreeperMockingjay pin

The other item was block eight of Save the Stitches blackwork; I’m counting it as a finish because I could be done with it here:

Save the Stitches, Blocks 1-8