Christmas Card

This is intended for a Christmas card for one of my sisters; I’m hopefully going to get another one done in time to mail it before Christmas. The star is a freebie from Blackwork Journey; I chose not to do the gold stars around the outside. That link is for the current page; it will probably be pushed back as more free patterns are added. Season’s Greetings is from Kincavel Krosses. It’s on silver perforated paper that I picked up at Hobby Lobby on a whim; it’s very shiny, which makes it hard to take a picture of it. I used two strands of DMC 321 and 700 for the red and green and one strand of DMC E3852 for the gold; one strand of floss is more usual for blackwork, but it didn’t really work on the perforated paper. The metallic gold is a little thicker than the floss, so worked as one strand. Also, two strands of gold was too much thread to make the star in the middle; the holes in the paper wouldn’t take that much thread.