I worked a little on Alphonse Mucha’s Moon from Art of Stitching. It’s part of Miniature Set 11; Art of Stitching also has a larger version. Her head is all confetti stitching, which makes progress very slow. Looking at the chart, I think it will be better once I finish her head. I’m very close to finishing the third row of 10×10 blocks on pages 2 and 3 (page 3 is 10 stitches with three of those being overlap from page 2).

Mucha's Moon November 2015 progress

I also decided to try something else for Christmas cards: this is the beginning of a blackwork ornament from Just Cross Stitch December 2015; it’s designed by Elizabeth Almond of Blackwork Journey. I didn’t get as far with it as I’d hoped; I probably should have started at the center and worked my way out to see how far I could get. There are several places that would make a complete-looking design. I’m not sure what, if anything, I’ll do for cards this year.

Christmas blackwork progress November 2015