I didn’t work on things that much this month. I made some progress on Yellow Submarine by Blackbird Designs. It’s getting close to finished; all I need are the borders and a couple of plants by the lower border. The top border is causing me problems, though; I keep miscounting and having to redo parts of it. I have made a few changes from the chart, starting with using DMC floss and continuing from there; for details, see last month’s post. I said there I might change one of the flowers on top of the submarine, and I did end up changing it.

Yellow Submarine progress Oct 15

This is part of the Water Garden from Oriental Cross Stitch Favourites (Spring 2012). It was intended as a card for my sister, but I didn’t finish it in time for her birthday last week. I just never got around to working on it; maybe I’ll finish it for next year.

Water Garden for J - Oct 2015 progress