Mostly this month, I worked on Yellow Submarine by Blackbird Designs. I’m using DMC floss for this because I couldn’t really justify spending the money on the Gentle Arts Sampler threads that the design called for. I chose my own colors because I wasn’t happy with either the provided equivalents or the different list I found somewhere online; the list of colors that I used is at the bottom of this post. The light blue shows up a little better in person than it does in the picture; the blue used in the design was also close to the fabric color. The fabric is some I bought on clearance at Joann years ago; I have no idea what the color or brand are and am not sure of the count (I think it’s 32). I did make a couple of changes in the design and may make another. I changed the first 6 in 1966 to the darker blue (and may go back and raise the 66 up a row). The flower on the top of the submarine felt wrong, so I made an approximation of the design that’s supposed to be there. I may go back and change the flowers in the pot on top of the submarine and make the one on the right red on the outside (likely) and change the one in the middle to be the red on the inside (possible).

Yellow Submarine progress September 2015

I also started something for a birthday card for my sister; it’s part of the Water Garden from Oriental Cross Stitch Favourites (Spring 2012):

Water Garden for J progress September 2015

I did not work on what I was planning to use for a Christmas card; I may reconsider that for this year and look for something smaller.

The colors I ended up using for the submarine are:

DMC (Gentle Arts)
420 (Apple Cider)
472 (Avocado)
501 (Bayberry)
444 (Butternut Squash)
3822 (Caramel Corn)
3819 (Endive)
3787 (Garden Gate)
3852 (Harvest Basket)
972 (Harvest Moon)
3024 (Lexington Green)
3766 (Mountain Mist)
498 (Pomegranate)
677 (Roasted Marshmallow)
365 (Tin Bucket)

for the upper part of the sub: red – 498, blue – 996, purple – 209