I actually completed a couple of things last month, so I only have a couple of WIPs. One is from Variegated Floral Borders by Linda Gillum and is called “Bright Banding”; my plan is to do three repetitions of the block and call it a bookmark. Out of all the bookmarks I’ve made, I think I can currently find two, so I want more. There are a couple of other designs that I’m thinking of turning in to bookmarks as well.

Bright Banding bookmark progress August 2015

I also worked a little on the Christmas tree card from Artecy, but I got sidetracked by Goku for a birthday card for my nephew, since his birthday is next week. I’m using DMC Light Effects E5200 for this; I like the way it looks and doesn’t seem to be as hard to work with as I remember the metallics to be. I’m not sure when I’ll get back to this; I have a plan for a card for my sister and need to figure out something for a card for my niece since they both have birthdays (late) next month. It may end up being next year’s Christmas card.

Christmas Tree Card progress August 2015

Not quite a WIP, but I did buy the Yellow Submarine pattern by Blackbird Designs and have thread and fabric for it. I knew when I saw it I had to have it; I have both DVD releases, some figures, and the picture book. I plan on using DMC instead of Gentle Arts Sampler threads; I know it would probably look better with them, but I can’t really justify spending the money. I didn’t like the given DMC equivalents or the ones I found online because they seemed to be dark and dull, so I spent some time yesterday trying to pick colors (especially for the submarine itself). I’m not sure about the flower on the submarine itself; I may redo that part into something more like the actual thing.

Yellow Submarine - Blackbird Designs