Mostly, I worked on the peacock from Just Cross Stitch April 2015. Looking at the picture, I feel like I can see the end; looking at the pattern, there’s still a long way to go. The branch on the right is about ten stitches above the bottom, but the tail fills in the width of the piece. I still should finish it by late October, unless I get severely distracted.

Peacock progress May 2015

I picked up the Radiant Treasures satin floss collection (DMC) on clearance from Hobby Lobby, mostly because I liked the patterns that came with it. One side of the pattern sheet was “Brilliant Blossoms” embroidery patterns (trace onto fabric and go) and the other side was “Botanical Borders & More” cross stitch. I chose one of the borders to make into a bookmark, but haven’t gotten very far yet; I forgot how much I don’t like working with satin floss. The picture from the back is upside down to the way I’m stitching it, and it starts in a different place than the pattern inside; what I have in red is the bottom of the second flower in the picture.

Bookmark progress May 2015