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I worked on eight larger projects this year: five cross-stitch, one needlepoint, one latch hook, one blackwork.

Alphonse Mucha’s Moon, started in July, last worked on in December:

Mucha's Moon progress

Fractal bookmark 345, started in April 2012, last worked on in October:

Fractal 345 bookmark progress

Random needlepoint project, started in November 2013, last worked on in September:

Needlepoint progress

Floral D’Vine latch hook, started in May 2014, last worked on in December (the picture is from September; I don’t take pictures of it as much as I should since I’m just doing row here and there):

Floral D'Vine progress

Twelve Days of Christmas, (re)started in July, last worked on in August:

Twelve days of Christmas progress

Cirque des Cercles progress, started in July 2013, last worked on in June:

Cirque des Cercles progress

Save the Stitches blackwork, started in January, last worked on in May:

Save the Stitches progress

Celestial Dragon, started sometime before April 2011, last worked on in January:

Celestial Dragon progress