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I don’t feel like I stitched much on my WIPs this month. This is the top third of the bookmark version of Fractal 345 from Cross-Stitch Collectibles. As near as I can tell, I last worked on it in August 2012. I took this on vacation because it was small and I had the chart printed out; I work of my laptop a lot, especially for smaller projects. I don’t know when I’ll work on it next; my goal was to finish those two pages.

Fractal 345 bookmark progress Oct 2014

I started (and am going to finish soon) the blue Halloween bookmark from Artecy, which was one of their free patterns for October 24:

Blue Halloween Bookmark Oct 2014 progress

I also started another of the Stained Glass Holly ornaments from Ink Circles that was in the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament preview from the August 2014 issue; I’m planning on it being a Christmas card:

Stained Glass Holly 2 Oct 2014 progress

I thought I worked on the Mucha’s Moon last month, but judging from September’s picture, I didn’t.