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This is The Moon by Alphonse Mucha from Miniature Set 11 at The Art of Stitching. I’ve hit an annoying part; the flowers in her hair are confetti stitching and in that part, I think I’m spending more time beginning and ending threads instead of stitching. I’m approaching five squares (a page) across and four down (out of eleven across and fifteen plus four stitches down). It’s going to take a while.

Alphonse Mucha's The Moon progress Sept 2014

I worked some on this needlepoint project from The New World of Needlepoint: 101 Exciting Designs in Bargello, Quickpoint, Grospoint and Other Repeat Patterns when the Mucha was annoying me. I think the colors I chose were close to the ones in the book; I wanted a 70s feel to it. I kind of wish I had made different choices; I think it would have looked better in more muted complementary colors or even black and white. I do plan on finishing it, though.

needlepoint progress Sept 2014

I worked a little on the Floral D’vine latch hook since I last posted about it; I’m up to twelve rows out of seventy-five.

Floral D'vine progress Sept 2014

My sister’s mother-in-law gave me her sister’s stash; it’s a ton of stuff andI haven’t gone through it yet to see what all is there.