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I feel like I should have accomplished more this month; I’ve watched a lot of soccer the last couple of weeks and spent a lot of that time sewing. The second half of the month was an Ink Circles kind of month (the first half was Teresa Wentzler and her sun dragon). I worked some on the Cirque des Cercles; I was hoping to get that bottom left circle finished, but it didn’t happen:

Cirque des Cercles progress June 2014

I also started her ornament (Stained Glass Holly) from the August 2014 Just Cross Stitch Christmas ornament preview. It seems a little big for an ornament; I’m probably going to use it for a card. I did mess up a little. I worked the square around the outside first to see how big it was and to have something of a guide. When I started on the interior, I had it turned so that one of the sides was at the top with the end result that the crosses are going different ways for the square and for the interior:

Stained Glass Holly progress June 2014

For some reason, my nephew wanted to cross stitch Nyan Cat (I was vaguely aware of it, but everything I know about it I got through wikipedia). It’s on 14-count plastic canvas, which he found much easier to work with than Aida (no chance of making his own holes), and he made good progress in a short amount of time, but he seems to have lost interest in it:

Nyancat progress June 2014

I also did half a row on my latch hook; I think I’m going to have to separate out and label all the yarn; working out of the bundles is not working for me. Two of the greens are extremely close together and some of the other colors are pretty close as well. The instructions suggested taping a sample of each color yarn next to the key, but every time I need more yarn, I have to hold it directly under the light and compare it with the samples (sometimes going back and forth a few times, depending on which light I’m using).