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I’ve gotten a bit much needlework stuff recently even though I think I have more than I could ever do. The city and one of the suburban libraries both had their big sales (and I had better luck at the suburban library than at the much larger city sale) and I bought one book used from Amazon that I’d had out from the library and really liked:


Joann actually had a sale on cross-stitch books and booklets, Hobby Lobby had a booklet on sale with one pattern that I liked (and it was $1.03, so it seemed worth it), and I bought a few magazines here and there:


Joann had some of their kits on clearance (and I’ve started the latch hook):


I also bought Teresa Wentzler’s Sun Dragon; it looked like a relatively quick finish and I want to finish something. I also bought some thread and fabric locally and mail order; I had to order #4 braid for the sun dragon and also got the blending filament and beads that I needed for her Peacock Tapestry even though it’s way down on my list of things to do. I think I have suitable fabric for the sun dragon, but I’m waiting on the braid to be sure one of the colors will show up on the blue fabric that I have and want to use. I’ve also downloaded various free patterns here and there.