This month, I was concentrating more on gifts than WIPs; I did make more circles for the Cirque des Cercles from Ink Circles:

Cirque Des Cercles progress

I also worked some on Primrose from Scarlet Quince; I can really see the end of this section approaching, and I’m planning on switching to Teresa Wentzler’s Celestial Dragon once I finish with this section.
Primrose progress

I’m doing Dimensions Crewel Butterfly for my niece for her birthday; I plan on finishing it as a pillow. It’s going fairly quickly, but I’m not entirely happy with it; I think my inexperience with this sort of stitching combined with the “handmade” quality of the design makes it look a bit sloppy.

Crewel Butterfly progress

This is what my nephew is currently working on very slowly; he likes working on it, but it’s a very low priority activity. It’s Janlynn’s Lion; his grandmother bought it for him off the sale rack at Joann, and he plans on giving it to his father when he finishes it. This might be upside down or at the wrong angle; I didn’t check with the chart before I took the picture:

Lion progress