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I actually finished a circle on Ink Circle’s Cirqe des Cercles and started another one; I would have more progress, but I got almost all the way around on the lower circle and realized that it would not meet up properly and the mistake was near the beginning, so it all had to come out. I am enjoying working on this, though I think I’m spending too much time figuring out how to do each circle:
Cirque des Cercles progress June 2013

I worked on the Bokhara pillow from Tapestry and Beadwork: Canvaswork Projects for the Home by Julia Hickman:
Bokhara progress June 2013

I also picked up Alphonse Mucha’s Primrose from Scarlet Quince again:
Primrose progress June 2013

I’ve been trying to alternate projects; Primrose and the Cirque des Cercles have mostly been my evening tv-watching projects, and Bokhara has been what I’ve worked on when helping my nephew out (and occasionally a tv-watching project).

My nephew started something new, a small kit from Michael’s. I didn’t realize that it had quarter stitches until after we opened it; I ended up doing the quarter stitches but he did the rest of it:
Cherries cross-stitch progress June 2013

He also worked on the shiny Emboar (a Pokemon) some:
Shiny Emboar progress June 2013

I bought a premade bookmark form from Joann because I liked the pattern that came with it; I have not started it, but I do have all the floss and a project card out for it. I was going to start it at the top, but realized that the pattern is 30 stitches wide and the bookmark is only 25 or so, so I may need find the center and start there.

I also bought two Mucha bookmark patters from Art of Stitching: Brightness of Day and Evening Contemplation. I have the floss for them, but have no idea when I’ll actually start them.