Cute Kitty cross-stitch

This is the Cute Kitty Learn-A-Craft – Beginner Cross Stitch Kit from Dimensions; it was mostly done by my eight-year-old nephew. I threaded the needle and anchored and ended the threads, and he did the vast majority of the cross-stitching. He picked up on how to read the chart very quickly. He did have the occasional problem with making his own holes, which made him a little frustrated, but I told him that it happens and the important thing was to notice it before completing a stitch. I don’t think he had the needle come unthreaded or pulled out beginning stitches as often as I do.

I thought that the kit had a lot of backstitching for a beginner kit; I think he kind of understood how to do a straight line of backstitching, but I don’t think he got how it worked in practice with direction changes and diagonals. We started out with him doing the backstitching with me showing him where to go, then me doing the backstitching with him reading the chart to me, and then me doing the backstitching with him in the room doing something else. Overall, it was a successful experiment, and I think we’re going to try a Pokemon next (a shiny Emboar (the lower one with a different color palette, though I don’t think we’ll be doing it on 22-count fabric)).