Primrose progress Jan 13

I worked more on Alphonse Mucha’s Primrose from Scarlet Quince this month; this is close to half of the top motif. I’ve decided to work square by square instead of line by line; if there are stitches of a color nearby but out of the current square, I will try to stitch them. I think it will be easier (and more motivating) to see progress square by square. I feel like I’m spending more time threading needles and beginning and ending stitches than stitching, though.

Michael’s was having a 90% off clearance items; one of the Michael’s in my area had some large cross stitch and needlepoint kits on clearance:

Kits Jan 13

I’ve been eyeing the poppies for a while (that makes three kits I have with poppies); one of the other Michael’s had it on clearance at one point, but only a few dollars off. I spent $4.61 on all of that. I have no idea what I’m going to do with that thread; it’s mostly not colors I’m likely to use, but it was cheap, so I bought it.