Alphonse Mucha Primrose - Dec 2012 progress

I didn’t work on any of my existing works-in-progress this month; I decided I wanted to start Alphonse Mucha’s Primrose from Scarlet Quince instead. This is confetti stitching at its worst; this little bit has colors from fifty symbols in it (there are a lot of blended colors). In theory, I’m working across row by row; in practice, I’m doing nearby stitches of a given color to try to minimize anchoring threads. The back is incredibly messy; I am beginning my threads with a pinhead stitch, but I’m running them under existing stitches at the end, mostly. My initial goal is to finish this top section and decide if I want to continue on or switch projects; this is about halfway across (it’s three pages wide but page three has six stitches) and my lowest stitches are halfway down (it’s 21 stitches down).