I was looking for a way to inventory my floss so that I’d stop buying duplicate colors, preferably on my phone and found this app for $0.99. I had money in the associated account and it looked like it did what I was looking for (inventory + shopping list), so I bought it and am satisfied with it. It has color lists for a wide variety of threads; DMC and Kreinik were the ones I was interested in and they were present.

It sorts the threads by company and then by type; for example, if you choose Kreinik, you are presented with a list of blending filament, very fine #4 braid, fine #8 braid, etc. Choosing one of those gives the actual list of colors for that type, and you can then add or subtract colors (via up and down arrows by the color) and choose if you need a specific color. Selecting need for a specific color adds it to the shopping list; when you look at the shopping list you can change the amount you need. There’s also a canvas size calculator; it looks like it works well; it gave close to what it should for a particular project, and the difference is probably that it displays in fractions instead of decimals so it’s rounding up for the display (it was supposed to be .14 and it gave 1/4; 1/8=0.125 < 0.14 < 1/4=0.25). The program will export the floss list (only the owned floss) into a comma separated file; it does not look you can export the shopping list.

All in all, I’m content with this app. I have a few issues with it: I don’t like that whatever list I’m on collapses when my screen blanks, I’d really like it if it defaulted to sorting by number instead of by name since I generally don’t know the color names, and it would be nice if the have list and the shopping list were separate (adding an amount to the shopping list also adds it to the have list). When I was inventorying my floss, I did run across a DMC color that they did not have listed, but it’s not on the list on DMC’s website, the color name list I have that they seem to be using, or 123stitch.com; I’m thinking I might have written the number down wrong.