The Hobby Lobby nearest me stopped carrying DMC metallic, satin, pearl cotton size 5, and some of the variegated floss, and started carrying Artiste brand thread in those categories; they also started carrying some Sullivan brand floss along with the DMC. They had five colors of variegated satin floss; I ended up with all five (a couple with projects in mind, the rest just because they were there and on sale). The colors in the picture are a little off (old camera, bad lighting), but should give an idea of the colors:

Artiste Variegated Satin Embroidery Floss

I’ve never used satin floss before. I did start a project with it, and the main issue I had was that each strand is two-ply and the plies wanted to separate. I had some issues with fraying, but that was partly because I caught the thread on the edge of my frame and partly because one of the plies got caught by the fabric and seriously clumped and separated. The plies ended up uneven at the first transition point and looked weird, so I ended up ripping everything out and will start over. On the second attempt, the only places with fraying were the end in the needle and the places where I made mistakes and had to rip out stitches.

This is what full lengths of a couple of the colors look like:

Artiste Floss Lengths