I got annoyed by the lack of curtains in my room and kind of made some, despite the lack of a sewing machine. I wasn’t really concerned with people seeing in (second floor, big oak tree outside), but I work at night and so wanted blackout curtains. I didn’t like the choices for cheap blackout curtains and decided to make my own, inspired by Joann’s 50% off on drapery linings this week and some nifty fabric on clearance there. Unfortunately, when I went to see if there was enough of the fabric that I liked, it was gone. I ended up getting this fabric from Hancock’s clearance. It’s not what I was looking for, but I liked it. I’m not sure if this fabric was reversible (it’s silver on silver on the other side) or if it was just the wrong way on the bolt, but I liked this side better.

I made these in a quick and dirty way. The lining was 54″ wide; I had them cut me two one-yard pieces because luckily, that was the panel size I wanted. I got three yards of the fabric (it was 64″ wide, and I got it in two 1.5-yard pieces, which was a bit much and I did have to trim each panel a little). I centered the lining on the fabric (wrong sides together) and did the sides first, and then the top and bottom. For the sides and bottom, I folded the fabric over so that the edge of the fabric touched the edge of the lining, folded it again at the edge of the lining, and pinned the fabric, ironed the folds, and sewed it together (more like basting than actual sewing; I may go back and sew them a little better later). For the top, I folded the fabric over about an inch and then folded it over at the lining and pinned, ironed, and sewed (smaller stitches and went back over them since the top carries the weight). The thread was a little light, so it shows up a little more than I’d like, but the next grey was a little dark.

The blackout lining seems to be working, though it’s not sunny out today (the edge of Isaac is approaching). It’s about as dark as nighttime with them closed (possibly darker); I didn’t take a picture of them hanging because it’s messy by the window. For curtains on a budget and without a sewing machine, I’m happy with the results; they weren’t that much more than Walmart blackout curtains ($9.97 each or 19.94 for two vs. $15 for fabric (which should have been less) and $6.99 for the lining or $21.99 for two), the effort wasn’t too strenuous, and I like the end result much better than the Walmart choices.