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The celestial dragon is going very slowly; I’m still not finished with the streamers on the head. I’m annoyed with all my WIPs right now; I’m considering swapping this and the bookmark out for different projects. I have a couple of other WIPs that belong on scroll frames.

Celestial Dragon progress June 2012

The fractal bookmark Cross Stitch Collectibles (the bookmark version of Fractal 345) is coming along nicely; I’m still in the top third but I have visible progress. It’s going to be annoying once I move to the next page down; the chart fits perfectly in the space below the working area on the frame for the top pages (the chart is six pages: two across, three down, but the second page across is only 22 stitches wide, which is an inch for me).

Fractal Bookmark progress June 2012

I’m also still working on Joy; I’m not going to start another small no-frame project until it is finished. It is kind of annoying; there are a number of 3/4 stitches (half stitches in the instructions) that I have to use the picture find the orientation and there are some discrepancies between the picture and the chart (including a number of french knots that are not on the chart at all).

Joy progress June 2012

I started the ghost from the Creepy Cross-Stitch kit; I’m using DMC’s glow in the dark thread instead of the provided cream floss.

Ghost progress June 2012

I also bought two kits this month: one large crewel kit on clearance and one small kit (with coupon) because I liked it:

hibiscus crewel kit
Small Poppy cross-stitch kit

I need to stop buying kits until I work some of the ones that I have; I’m not even sure I can do crewel well.