I’m now working on three projects on alternating days. This month I bought two more small kits and started one and also bought a cross stitch magazine (my first!). This is in addition to the creepy cross stitch kit that I posted about already.

I’ve been slowly working on the celestial dragon; I’m working around the head and not having to rip out as much as I did when I first started, though any time I get away from the head, stitches have to come out. I’m hoping it will become a little easier once I get away from the head and its streamers. The blending filament is still a pain to deal with.

Celestial Dragon WIP May 2012

I’m still working on the April 2012 free fractal bookmark from Cross Stitch Collectibles (the bookmark version of Fractal 345). The farthest stitches on this are a few stitches from the right edge and the bottom of the first page (the top third of the design).

Fractal Bookmark WIP May 2012

I also bought (at Hobby Lobby on sale) and started a small kit (“Joy” from Candamar Designs); it’s apparently part of a series of feng shui designs. It’s nice to work on something on 14 count fabric as a break from the 28 (celestial dragon) and 22 (fractal bookmark) count projects.

Joy cross stitch kitJoy WIP May 2012

I bought yet another kit at Joann with a lower regular price (and used a coupon).

Good Fortune cross stitch kit

The last time I went in my local Joann, they had cleared out most of their small kits; they had one row (I want to say five or six, definitely less than ten). At one point I went in there to get more pearl blending filament for the dragon and discovered they had it on clearance. Every time I went in there I bought more and ended up with three pearl (more than I need for the dragon), three silver, one regular gold, one high lustre gold, and one starburst (095) at either $0.50 or $0.25 a spool. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it all (especially the starburst), but it’s nice to have.

I also discovered that they carry a range of cross stitch magazines, and bought one: (Oriental) Cross Stitch Favourites (Spring 2012). There are several designs that I am interested in working: the pillow, the kimono, the pink flowers, and the blue pagoda designs at least. I don’t want to start anything else until I finish something, though I might start on one of the blue pagoda designs; my sister thought they were pretty, and her birthday is in October.

Cross Stitch Favourites coverCross Stitch Favourites - Table of Contents