I am actively working on this; it will someday be Teresa Wentzler’s Celestial Dragon. I’m going to have to set it aside once I finish the outside until I have the money to get what’s needed for the dragon itself (lots of colors + blending filament and also beads to finish it).

I have two other works in progress to be finished someday:

Weekend in Paris

Weekend in Paris (counted cross stitch, Dimensions Gold Collection Petites #65049). I stalled out on the red background, but will hopefully finish it someday.

Butterfly on Scroll

Butterfly on Scroll (needlepoint kit, Dimensions #20006). This I stalled out on because it was annoying; the printing on the canvas was not quite straight, which made it difficult to determine what color any given stitch should be. I’m not happy with how I did the butterfly and I found the background tedious to do. I might finish this someday, I might not. It’s hard to tell from the picture how much I’ve actually done; I’ve done the butterfly, the top part of the scroll, and some of the top plants and rocks and sand.