This was the first attempt at needlepoint. It was from a kit (“Dragonfly Pair”, Dimensions #7208), chosen because it was small and I liked the design. I kind of liked it at the time with the needlepoint only, but now think I should go back and add the details to the wings; I doubt I’ll do the same for the grass, though.

It was kind of hard sometimes to guess what color a given stitch was supposed to be, though I guess that’s what the picture is for (though that kind of defeats the purpose of having it printed). The design itself was a little off-kilter by a couple of rows vertically (the left top corner was a couple of rows higher than the right top corner, and the same was true on the bottom); if it had been printed straight, it’s possible the colors would have lined up better. The opal ribbon (“used to add iridescent sparkle to the wings”) was annoying to work with.