This is from a kit: Applique Feltworks by Dimensions #8136, “Holiday Pocket Ornaments”. They can be used as pockets or stuffed as pillows; I left them as pockets for now. My mother used to do this sort of thing all the time; when I was looking to start doing something, my sister suggested something like this. I did finish them around Christmas, but didn’t do anything with them. I don’t know if this sort of thing is really for me; I didn’t mind the easier ones, but the harder ones were a pain. Some details are deliberately off-kilter, which kind of annoyed me; some are inadvertently off from inexperience and inability.

The only problems I had with the kit itself was that some of the beads did not have holes large enough for the provided needles and that the two colors of green felt were more-or-less the same (some fading had occurred, I guess). It didn’t really matter, though; the only place it made any difference was on “cheer”; the little trees at the bottom and the stripes at the top were supposed to be both colors..