This is Neptune by SpaceNavid on etsy; I chose it because I liked the blues in it. It’s worked on black Aida cloth canvas from Michaels. It’s 14 count and 6″ x 6″ overall and the working area is about 4 1/2″ by 4 1/2″; the pattern is around four inches, so it was a tight fit. I didn’t center it as well as I could have, but it’s mostly vertically off which does not bother me as much as horizontally would. The canvas was all right for stitching; the only problems I had with it were that it was difficult to run thread under stitches near the edges, and it was not as taut as I would have liked it to be (though that might be because I stepped on it and possibly loosened it up a little). After this, I’m going to do Earth; if it had been up when I decided to buy one, I’d have bought it first.

2015 WIPs


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I worked on eight unfinished projects this year: six cross-stitch, one needlepoint project, and one latch hook. Out of the cross-stitch projects, one was a picture, four were for cards, and one was a bookmark.

My main work in progress for the year was Alphonse Mucha’s Moon:

Mucha Moon progress December 2015

I failed to finish several cards this year; I had one for my sister’s birthday (and planned on one for my other sister, but didn’t even start it when I realized I wouldn’t finish the first one). I also had three different starts for Christmas cards and kept giving up on them when I thought I wouldn’t have enough time to finish them.

Water Garden for J - Oct 2015 progress

Christmas Tree Card progress August 2015Blackwork Christmas Card progress November 2015Christmas Card 2 progress December 2015

I started a bookmark from a chart that came with a pack of satin floss, but didn’t get very far with it; I like the way satin floss looks, but I don’t like working with it very much. I’m not even sure where it is right now.

Satin bookmark progress June 2015

I worked a tiny bit on the Bokhara needlepoint pillow; the outside is the most tedious part and I’m finding it hard to get motivated to work on it.

Bokhara progress Feb 2015

I think I did one row on the Floral D’Vine latch hook:

Floral D'Vine progress March 2015

December 2015 WIPs


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I worked a bit on Alphonse Mucha’s Moon from Art of Stitching; it’s part of Miniature Set 11. I’ve been annoyed at the amount of confetti stitching on her head, but as I was going along, I looked at it from a little distance and discovered I’d done an eye, which got me more motivated to work on it. Hopefully, once I finish her head, the confetti stitching won’t be as bad. I’ve still got a long way to go on it; I’ve got one full page and not even half of the second one done. It’s technically nine pages, but it’s probably only about five full pages of stitches. Pages three, six, and nine only have seven new stitches per row (I’m working page three with page two) and pages seven, eight, and nine only go about a third of the way down.

Mucha Moon progress December 2015

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2015 Finishes


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I finished eleven items this year: two large pieces, one medium-sized piece, three cards, two bookmarks, two other small things, and part of something that is technically a work in progress, but I’m counting it as a finish. Two of these were blackwork and the rest were cross-stitch.

The two large pieces were Yellow Submarine for myself (started in September and finished in November) and Elegant Peacock for my sister (started in February and finished in August):

Yellow SubmarineElegant Peacock

The medium-sized piece was Charles Voysey Flowers:

Charles Voysey flowers

The cards were an unsent blackwork Christmas card (I wanted two for both my sisters, but only finished one), Totoro for my niece, and Goku for my nephew:

Christmas CardTotoroGoku Cloud

The two bookmarks were Bright Banding and Spring:

Bright Banding bookmarkSpring Bookmark

The other small things were Minecraft Creeper and Mockingjay Pin, both for my nephew:

Minecraft CreeperMockingjay pin

The other item was block eight of Save the Stitches blackwork; I’m counting it as a finish because I could be done with it here:

Save the Stitches, Blocks 1-8

Christmas Card


Christmas Card

This is intended for a Christmas card for one of my sisters; I’m hopefully going to get another one done in time to mail it before Christmas. The star is a freebie from Blackwork Journey; I chose not to do the gold stars around the outside. That link is for the current page; it will probably be pushed back as more free patterns are added. Season’s Greetings is from Kincavel Krosses. It’s on silver perforated paper that I picked up at Hobby Lobby on a whim; it’s very shiny, which makes it hard to take a picture of it. I used two strands of DMC 321 and 700 for the red and green and one strand of DMC E3852 for the gold; one strand of floss is more usual for blackwork, but it didn’t really work on the perforated paper. The metallic gold is a little thicker than the floss, so worked as one strand. Also, two strands of gold was too much thread to make the star in the middle; the holes in the paper wouldn’t take that much thread.


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