September WIPs + an October Finish



I didn’t work on much this month besides beads. I worked a little on two things that weren’t beads, both cross-stitch. I finished another bracelet on October 3, but didn’t feel like making a separate post for it. It’s the cane-back bracelet from the Quick + Easy Beadwork, a special issue of Beadwork magazine. It says “display until November 5”, but I think it’s gone from the shelves here (at least at the grocery, which has limited space for magazines). It doesn’t seem to be on Interweave’s site yet. I had issues starting this (I think I restarted three times) and ending it (I had to end my thread near the end and for some reason had serious issues with it), but overall, I enjoyed working on it. It’s the first thing I’ve done that was not peyote stitch.

This is my progress as of September 30:

Cane-back bracelet progress September 2018

And this is the finished bracelet:

Cane-back bracelet

There’s something else I want to make from the magazine with two-hole beads, which I understand how to do, but can’t quite manage it; I’ll try again at some point.

I worked a little on 99 by Ink Circles; I’m finished with bottle 66 and once I finish the shelf, I’ll be 2/3 of the way through.

99 progress September 2018

I also worked a little on the temperature bookmark (info here):

Temperature bookmark progress September 2018


Crate of Grapes


Monochrome version of Crate of Grapes bracelet

This uses the Crate of Grapes pattern by Beadholden Designs; I chose not to make it purple. I enjoyed working on this; I like the way it looks; for some reason, it reminds me of one of my grandmothers (and not the one I would have expected). It was easy to work being a repeat pattern where everything is in groups of three. After a while, I didn’t even use the chart. I do have to say that I find her word charts a little hard to read; she uses full names of beads instead of just using letters or symbols. Personally, I find word charts easiest to deal with when they are A, B, C, etc. I really like her designs; I’ve worked one and have one more that I’ve started. It’s a loom pattern, and I had issues with the warp.

I did a ring and toggle clasp from Melissa van Dijk’s site; I found it easier going that I did the last time I used it.

I’m now working on something from a magazine that uses right-angle weave; all I’ve done so far is peyote. It’s been interesting; I’ve taken it apart twice so far: once for getting lost in the pattern and once for a bad bead. I am going to try again.

For my own reference, I used size 11 Delica beads in colors 310 (black), 351 (white), 252 (light gray), and 268 (dark gray).

August 2018 WIPs


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I worked on seven things this month: one needlepoint, one beading, and five cross-stitch. Either my picture-taking abilities are gone or the last Android update messed with my phone camera, so my pictures are not great this month.

I finished the main part of Little Blue Book Bag from Freda’s Fancy Stitching; all I have left is the border and the making it into a bag part which I am not sure I can do successfully, but I’ll give it a try.

Little blue book bag progress August 2018

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Vintage Peyote-Stitch Bracelet


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Vintage bracelet

This bracelet is from a pattern called “Vintage” by Tauriel, who is no longer on Etsy. I had a couple of minor issues, but overall, everthing went fine. I did change a couple of bead colors here and there, and kind of wish I’d changed a few more (I would have narrowed some of the blue outlines, if I’d noticed before I did them). I did a ring and toggle clasp from Melissa van Dijk’s site. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, but for some reason I had more problems making them than I did with the bracelet overall. I’m not entirely happy with the colors I used on the ring and toggle, but they look ok and work (I wore it tonight and it didn’t come undone).

June 2018 WIPs


, , ,

I started more things than I finished this month, though I needed to start one of them (I finished one Christmas card and started another). I worked some on this peyote-stitch bracelet (Vintage by Tauriel on Etsy).

Vintage bracelet progress June 2018

For cross-stitching, I worked mostly on Christmas cards; I finished one and started this one. They are from a kit by Vervaco. It’s charted with full stitches only, but I’m using some quarter stitches around the curves of the heart (and will for the ornaments) because I think it will look better.

Vervaco Christmas Card 2 progress June 2018

I worked a tiny bit on 99 by Ink Circles; I finished the interior of the bottle I’m currently outlining.

99 progress June 2018

I also worked a little on Celtic bookmark 10 from Artecy. I’m currently planning on purple interiors, but may change my mind between now and whenever I get the outline finished.

Celtic Bookmark 10 progress June 2018

For some reason, I started a new bookmark. There was a post somewhere on the message board about temperature bookmarks, where you do a bit each day with a color representing the high temperature for that day. I’d run across the concept (maybe for scarves) before and been interested. I found a pattern on reddit, though I’m doing five 5×1 areas instead of 9×2 across since I’m using 14 count plastic canvas instead of 18 count Aida. It came to me later that I could have done 7 4×1 areas across and had it by weeks without adding much width, but it was too late by that point. I wanted a little more color variation than the key with that pattern, so I used a slightly modified version of one that was linked in the discussion (from here; the colors were three-degree spans for the warmer temps and five for the colder, and I chose to have everything in four-degree spans). I’m taking my weather data from Weather Underground, copying the temperature data into a spreadsheet, and (somehow) coming up with a pattern (well, a 5×73 list of color codes). January was interesting, temperature-wise (lowest high was 22, highest high was 68).

Temperature bookmark progress June 2018

Vervaco Christmas Card 1


Vervaco Christmas Card 1

This is one of a kit of three Christmas cards from Vervaco; I’m going to make two of them for my sisters. The kit came with appropriately sized 18 count aida, floss, aperture cards, and envelopes; I’m not sure if it came with a needle. This was easy enough to do; I didn’t have many problems with it except for placing the star at the top. I did make one change to the chart; the top right branch of the tree on the left had a column of two stitches across instead of one like the other branches, so I changed it to one. Because of that change, I had trouble placing the star as it was on the chart, but it wasn’t a huge problem. It doesn’t really matter exactly where the star is placed.

I’m going to do the one on the left for the other one; I don’t know how I feel about the heart, but the ornaments feel nostalgic.

Vervaco Christmas Cards

May 2018 WIPs


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I worked a little on 99 by Ink Circles; I’m working on bottle number sixty; when I finish this row, I’ll have two-thirds of it done.

99 progress May 2018

This is one of a set of three Christmas cards from Vervaco; I’d been eyeing this kit at Hobby Lobby for a long time and ended up buying it when they put a ton of their cross-stitch and needlepoint kits and supplies on clearance for 75% off. I’m going to do two and I can’t decide if the second one is going to be this one again (it’s my favorite by far) or one of the other ones. This is my primary project right now; I’m house-sitting and can work on it wherever and whenever I feel like it (I live with a recipient).

Christmas card 1 progress May 2018

I worked some on Vintage peyote-stitch bracelet from Tauriel on Etsy. I haven’t figured out where to set up to work on this where I’m house-sitting yet, so I’ve been working on it when I’ve been at home instead.

Vintage beaded bracelet progress May 2018

This is Celtic bookmark 10 from Artecy. I’m planning on working it in purples (one old, two new). I don’t know why I started this when what I really need to be working on is Christmas cards.

Celtic bookmark 10 progress May 2018

March 2018 WIPs


, , , ,

This is 99 by Ink Circles. I didn’t work on it too much this month (I only did two bottles and part of a third (bottle 53)), but I’m moving it to my primary project; my sister offered to get it framed (once I finish it) as a birthday present.

99 progress March 2018

I restarted Vintage by Tauriel on Etsy; this was my third try this time (I’d previously started it last year, but it didn’t work out). This time, I had a bead in the wrong place on row three (I was on row five when I noticed it) and on the second try, I had too short of a tail to knot and end. Now that I’ve got a good start on it, I’m enjoying working on it.

Vintage bracelet progress March 2018

This is Little Blue Book Bag from Freda’s Fancy Stitching. I worked on it a lot for most of the month, but it’s now a lower priority.

Little Blue Book Bag progress March 2018

Someone on the message board posted that their Hobby Lobby had most of their kits and some other stuff on clearance 75% off; I checked the one nearest and they did have a lot of their stuff on clearance (the other two did not). The kits are all things that I’d had my eye on for a while, though the Christmas cards are the only ones I have definite plans to do in the near future. The one on the bottom left is Thea Gouverneur’s Dahlia; it was $20 less there than at the other stores, so I got it a little bit cheaper than I should have.

Hobby Lobby clearance buys