June 2016 WIPs


Mostly, I worked on Geometric Dreams No.1 from GoldenCircleDesigns on etsy. I’m using three strands of DMC 3847 on 28-count evenweave. I would have been a little farther along, but I realized a couple of days ago that I had been using two strands instead of three for a little while and ended up ripping that part out. I realize that it wasn’t that noticeable, but it bothered me. I haven’t redone all of the part that I ripped out yet.

Geometric Dreams progress June 2016

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Tribal Bookmark


Tribal Bookmark

This is Artecy’s Tribal Bookmark (at Artecy shop or Patternsonline.com). I chose my own colors and color placement. After some indecision, I ended up using various shades of DMC floss in turquoise (3844, 3845, 3846) and jade (561, 562, 564). I think the light jade is a little too light, but I didn’t feel like checking to see if there was a darker one that would still have enough contrast. I always look at Artecy’s free patterns; this was my first time buying from there.

May 2016 WIPs



I feel like I haven’t been doing as much cross-stitch this year as I have in years past; it’s June and I’ve only finished two things this year so far. Mostly this month I worked on Geometric Dreams No. 1 from GoldenCircleDesigns on etsy. I’m working it on 28-count evenweave with three strands of DMC 3847. I ended up working in the lower left corner by starting on that section with the frame upside down from the way I had been holding it; luckily, the stitches were going in the same direction as they were with the frame right side up. I know that since it’s symmetrical it really doesn’t matter which way is up as long as the stitches are all in the same direction, but it bothered me.

Geometric Dreams No. 1 progress May 2016

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This is Neptune by SpaceNavid on etsy; I chose it because I liked the blues in it. It’s worked on black Aida cloth canvas from Michaels. It’s 14 count and 6″ x 6″ overall and the working area is about 4 1/2″ by 4 1/2″; the pattern is around four inches, so it was a tight fit. I didn’t center it as well as I could have, but it’s mostly vertically off which does not bother me as much as horizontally would. The canvas was all right for stitching; the only problems I had with it were that it was difficult to run thread under stitches near the edges, and it was not as taut as I would have liked it to be (though that might be because I stepped on it and possibly loosened it up a little). After this, I’m going to do Earth; if it had been up when I decided to buy one, I’d have bought it first.

2015 WIPs


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I worked on eight unfinished projects this year: six cross-stitch, one needlepoint project, and one latch hook. Out of the cross-stitch projects, one was a picture, four were for cards, and one was a bookmark.

My main work in progress for the year was Alphonse Mucha’s Moon:

Mucha Moon progress December 2015

I failed to finish several cards this year; I had one for my sister’s birthday (and planned on one for my other sister, but didn’t even start it when I realized I wouldn’t finish the first one). I also had three different starts for Christmas cards and kept giving up on them when I thought I wouldn’t have enough time to finish them.

Water Garden for J - Oct 2015 progress

Christmas Tree Card progress August 2015Blackwork Christmas Card progress November 2015Christmas Card 2 progress December 2015

I started a bookmark from a chart that came with a pack of satin floss, but didn’t get very far with it; I like the way satin floss looks, but I don’t like working with it very much. I’m not even sure where it is right now.

Satin bookmark progress June 2015

I worked a tiny bit on the Bokhara needlepoint pillow; the outside is the most tedious part and I’m finding it hard to get motivated to work on it.

Bokhara progress Feb 2015

I think I did one row on the Floral D’Vine latch hook:

Floral D'Vine progress March 2015


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