June 2014 WIPs

I feel like I should have accomplished more this month; I’ve watched a lot of soccer the last couple of weeks and spent a lot of that time sewing. The second half of the month was an Ink Circles kind of month (the first half was Teresa Wentzler and her sun dragon). I worked some on the Cirque des Cercles; I was hoping to get that bottom left circle finished, but it didn’t happen:

Cirque des Cercles progress June 2014


Sun Dragon

This is Teresa Wentzler’s Sun Dragon from patternsonline.com. I bought this when they had a sale on dragons; I have too many big projects going and wanted something I could finish relatively quickly. I used 14-count black Aida, which is not the best fabric for this since it has quarter stitches. It called for Kreinik #4 very fine braid, which I’d never used before; I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to work with. I didn’t do the couching on the sun’s rays; I wasn’t thinking about it needing to be done as I went along until after I’d done most of it.

May 2014 WIPs

I started Teresa Wentzler’s Sun Dragon; Patternsonline had a dragon sale, and I wanted something that I could finish relatively quickly. It calls for Kreinik #4 very fine braid; I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to work with compared to blending filament or DMC’s light effects. There’s one stitch that looks a little out of place in the picture that looks fine in real life (it’s one of the gold braid stitches):

Sun Dragon May 2014 progress


Recently Acquired

I’ve gotten a bit much needlework stuff recently even though I think I have more than I could ever do. The city and one of the suburban libraries both had their big sales (and I had better luck at the suburban library than at the much larger city sale) and I bought one book used from Amazon that I’d had out from the library and really liked:


Joann actually had a sale on cross-stitch books and booklets, Hobby Lobby had a booklet on sale with one pattern that I liked (and it was $1.03, so it seemed worth it), and I bought a few magazines here and there:


Joann had some of their kits on clearance (and I’ve started the latch hook):


I also bought Teresa Wentzler’s Sun Dragon; it looked like a relatively quick finish and I want to finish something. I also bought some thread and fabric locally and mail order; I had to order #4 braid for the sun dragon and also got the blending filament and beads that I needed for her Peacock Tapestry even though it’s way down on my list of things to do. I think I have suitable fabric for the sun dragon, but I’m waiting on the braid to be sure one of the colors will show up on the blue fabric that I have and want to use. I’ve also downloaded various free patterns here and there.

Save the Stitches, Block 7

This is block 7 of the Save the Stitches blackwork sampler from Blackwork Journey:

Save the Stitches, block 7

The whole thing so far:

Save the Stitches, blocks 1-7

I think I’m going to take a break from this for a while; I’ve worked on very little else this year and would like to make some progress on my other WIPs; there’s also something I want to make for Christmas that I’d like to go ahead and start.

Save the Stitches, Block 6

Save the Stitches, Block 6

This is block 6 of the Save the Stitches blackwork sampler from Blackwork Journey.

The whole thing so far:

Save the Stitches, Blocks 1 - 6

Save the Stitches, Block 5

Save the Stitches, Block 5

I’ve finished block 5 of the Save the Stitches blackwork sampler from Blackwork Journey. The metallics are DMC E3837 (purple instead of copper), DMC E815 (red instead of gold), and DMC E3843 (blue instead of silver); the beads are Mill Hill glass seed beads (02097). The chart called for gold (red); I tried purple to make it monochromatic, but they didn’t show up at all, so I used blue since I hadn’t used them yet. Blocks 6 and 7 were released at the beginning of the month, so I’m about caught up.

Here is the whole thing so far:

Save the Stitches, Blocks 1 - 5

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